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Introduction to OS

Process Management


User interface and system calls

Operating system structure

Fork demo

Operations of OS

Operations on Processes

IPC part 1

IPC part 2

Demo of Shared memory program

CPU Scheduling Basics

CPU scheduling algorithms part 1

CPU scheduling algorithms Part 2


Peterson Algorithm

Concurrency and process synchronization Part 1

Concurrency and process synchronization Part 2

Producer-consumer and Reader-writer


Deadlock avoidance

Deadlock detection and recovery

Banker's Algorithm sample Problem

Dinning philosopher's problem

Basics of memory management

Memory partitioning

Memory Management


Addressing in Paging

Paging Additional Points


Page replacement algorithms

Virtual Memory

Frames Allocation and Thrashing

File Systems

File allocation and protection

File access methods and directory structure

Disk scheduling

I/O Systems

OS Refresher Unit I

OS Refresher Unit II

OS Refresher Unit III

OS Refresher Unit IV

Multilevel Feedback Scheduling demo