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Data Structures - Introduction

Abstract Data Types

Searching Tecniques

Hash Search

Collision Resolution Techniques

Sorting Techniques, bubble sort and selection sort



Recursions- Postfix to Prefix

General List Introduction Basic operations


Stack Introduction, Basic operations

Stack Implementation

Applications of Stack

Applications of Stack

Introduction to Queue

Queue Implementation

Circular Linked List

Doubly Linked List

Trees, Binary Trees

Binary Tree Traversals

Expression Trees

Binary Search Tree

BST Insert and delete operation Implementation

General Tree, Insert and Delete

AVL Tree

Binary Tree BFT

Expression Trees

Threaded Trees

Heap Introduction, Operations

Heap Implementation, Graph Introduction

Graph operations

Priority Queues

Prim's and Kruskal's algorithms

BFS and DFS Graph Traversals

Btree Introduction, Insert operation

Btree Delete operation

Btree variations

Unit 1 Revision

Unit 2 Revision

Refresher class1

Refresher class2

Refresher class3

Refresher class4

Refresher class5

Unit 3 Revision




Unit 4 Revision

Guest Lecture 1

Linked List additional video

Guest Lecture 2