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Introduction, Flowchart and algorithms

Character set, variables, datatypes

datatypes, interactive programming

variables, operators, structure of c program

operators, odd even number example

if statements

Lab example program discussion

switch statement

while loop, factorial, sum of series

for loop

break and continue

Iterative programs examples

IO functions, pattern printing examples

Formatted IO

Formatted IO printf




Recursive functions

Arrays Introduction

Array Initialization, Passing arrays to functions

Array - Linear search

2D Arrays, matrix operations, sorting

Binary search, Array delete operations

Array insert, counting elements

Array - compare, revers, string, array of strings

Passing 2D arrays to functions, call by value, call by reference

Arrays - Removing duplicates, merging, concatenation

Arrays - Searching, partitioning, fflush

Storage classes

Storage classes

Strings - Keyword searching

Strings - Keyword searching

Arrays - 2D Array processing

Arrays - Revision

Strings - Revision

Pointers Introduction

Pointers and functions

Pointers and Arrays

Pointers and Char Arrays

DMA Introduction

DMA and Arrays

Structures Introduction

Unit 1 Revision

Unit 1 Revision

Type def and Union