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MC_U1L1_Introduction to Mobile Computing.m4v

MC_U1L2_Characteristics and Structure of MC Presentation.mp4

MC_U1L3_Cellular Mobile Communication_Presentation

MC_U1L4_5G, Comparison and Introduction to GSM_Presentation

MC_U1L5_GSM Architechture_Presentation

MC_U1L6_GPRS Architecture_Presentation

MC_U1L7_Part 1_UMTS_Presentation

MC_U1L7_Part 2_Software Defined Radio_Presentation

MC_U1L8_MAC Protocols_Presentation

MC_U1L9_Types of MAC Protocols Part 1

MC_U1L10_Types of MAC Protocol Part 2.mp4

MC_U2L1_Wireless LAN Part 1

MC_U2L1_Wireless LAN Part 2

MC_U2L2_Wireless LAN Technologies

MC_U2L3_IEEE 802.11 Introduction.mp4

MC_U2L4_IEEE 802.11 Standards

MC_U2L5_IEEE 802.11 Architecture and Services

MC_U2L6_IEEE 802.11 MAC Layer

MC_U2L7_IEEE 802.11 PHY Layer

MC_U2L8_Bluetooth Introduction and Architecture

MC_U2L9_Bluetooth_ Radio and Baseband Specification.mp4

MC_U2L10_BT: LMP and L2CAP

MC_U3L1_Mobile IP: Introduction

MC_U3L2_Features and Key Mechanism of Mobile IP

MC_U3L3_Route Optimization and DHCP

MC_U3L4_Mobile Ad-hoc Networks

MC_U3L5_Popular MANET Routing Protocols

MC_U3L6_Security Issues in MANET and VANET

MC_U3L7_Mobile Transport Layer: TCP/IP

MC_U3L8_Adaptation of TCP Protocol

MC_U3L9_Improvements in TCP Performance

MC_U3L10_TCP in Mobile Networks


MC_U4L1_Operating Systems for Mobile Computing

MC_U4L2_Windows Mobile OS and Palm OS

MC_U4L3_Mobile Operating Systems_Symbian iOS and Blackberry

MC_U4L4_Android Mobile Operating System

MC_U4L5_Mobile Application Development


MC_U4L7_Wireless Application Protocol


MC_U4L9_Android Application Development

MC_U4L10_Android Software Stack

MC_U4L11_Android App Development using Android Studio

MC_U4_Revision Part I

MC_U4_Revision Part 2

MC_U1_Revision Part1

MC_U2_Revision Part 1

MC_U2_Revision Part 2

MC_U4 3 2 1 Overall Revision and Feedback