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Fundamentals of Big Data

Examining Big Data Types

Big Data Technology Components

Organizing Data Services and Tools

Operational Databases

Non-Relational Databases

Distributed File System

MapReduce Tasks (Matrix Multiplication)

Matrix Multiplication (Single Pass)

MapReduce Algorithms

MapReduce Extensions

Communication Cost Model

Complexity Theory of MapReduce

Multiway Join

Complexity Theory of MapReduce continuation

Mining Data Streams

Sampling Data in a Stream

Bloom's Filter

Counting Distinct Elements

Estimating Moments

Quiz question explanation

Counting of number of one's in a window

Decaying Windows

Decaying Window Example

Link Analysis

Efficient Computation of Page Rank

Introduction to Recommendation System

Content based recommendation

Dimensionality Reduction

Collaborative Recommendation

Mining Social Network Graphs

Clustering of Social Networking Graphs

Direct Discovery of Communities

Partitioning of Graphs

Overlapping Communities


Unit 3 Review

Page Ranking with Damping Factor

Hadoop Fundamentals

Core Hadoop Components

Configuring and Running Hadoop

Moving Data in to Hadoop

Moving data out from Hadoop

Data Serialization in MapReduce

Modeling Data and Solving problems with graphs

Bloom Filter