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Introduction to Software Engineering

Challenges, Hardware Vs. Software and Legacy Software

Software Process & Process Flow

Prescriptive Process Models & Evolutionary Process Models

Specialized Process Models

Agile Process Model overview

Other Agile Process Models

Project Team Selection

Agile Team , Team Structures and CMMI

Establishing the Groundwork

Quality Function Deployment and Developing use cases

Requirement Modeling and Analysis Patterns

Scenario based modeling

class based modeling

Software Estimation -FP based Estimation

LOC and Usecase based Estimation

Empirical Estimation and OO Estimation

Quiz Answer Discussion

Preparing a Class Diagram

Behavioural modeling

Flow based modeling

Design Process

Design Conecpts and Design Model

Architectureal Design

Architectural Contextual Diagram

Traditional, object-oriented and process related view of components

Conducting Component level design and development

Component based Development

UI analysis and Design

Interface Analysis & Design Steps and Design Evaluation

Testing Strategies and Debugging

Unit Testing and Integration Testing

White-Box Testing

White box testing continuation

Black box testing

Orthogonal Array Testing

Testing OOA and OOD modals