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Introduction to Datawarehouse

Data Cube and OLAP

Tutorial 1 - OLAP Examples

Data Cube Technology

Data Mining - Introduction

Data Mining Functionality

Data Objects and Attributes

Measuring dispersion of data & Graphical Visualization of data

Similarity & Dissimilarity Measures

Data Preprocessing, data cleaning

Data Preprocessing- Data Reduction

Data Transformation and Discretization

Mining Frequent Patterns, Associations & correlations

Apriori Algorithm

FP Growth Approach

Which patterns are interesting

Classification -Decision Tree Induction

Na´ve Bayes Classification

Model Selection & evaluation

Clustering -Intro & K-means Algorithm

K-Medoids Algorithm

Hierarchical Clustering

Density & Grid Based Clustering

Outlier Detection-I

Outlier Detection-II

Mining Text data - Intro to Specialised Clustering Techniques

Topic Modeling

Mining Time Series Data

Mining time series data - forecasting & motifs

Mining Graph Data

Mining Graph Data

Mining Graph Data- Frequent Substructure

Revision Class-1

Revision Class-2

Revision Class-3

Revision Class-4

Revision Class-5

Revision Class-6