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Pseudo code Conventions, Examples, Insertion Sort Algorithm

Efficiency of Algorithms

Properties of Asymptotic Notations

Summation Formulae-Standard Notations-Common Functions

Solving Recurrences - Part 1

Solving Recurrences - Part 2

Solving Recurrences - Part 3

Insertion Sort and Merge Sort - Algorithm and Analysis

Maximum Subarray and Strassen's Matrix Multiplication

Strassens Matrix Multiplication Analysis and Example

Heap Sort Example and Algorithm

Heap Sort Analysis

Priority Queue implemented as Heap Data Structure

Quick Sort Algorithm and Example

Quick Sort Algorithm Analysis

Randomized Quick Sort and Expected Running Time

Linear Sorting - Part 1

Linear Sorting - Part II - Bucket Sort Algorithm and Example

Linear Sorting Part-III-Bucket Sort Analysis and Introduction to Dynamic Programming

Rod Cut Problem Example

Rod cut Algorithm - Analysis - Matrix Chain Multiplication - Part 1

Matrix Chain Multiplication Example-Part 2

MCM Algorithm and Example - Part 3

MCM Part 4 and LCS Part 1

LCS -Example, Algorithm, and Analysis

LCS - Part 2

Comparison between Divide and Conquer and Dynamic Programming Bottom up and Top down approaches

Greedy Strategy- Activity Selection Problem

Correctness of Greedy Activity Selector Algorithm

Knapsack Problem-Comparison between Greedy Strategy and DP

Huffman Codes - Example - Algorithm - Analysis

Hufmann Codes - Example - Correctness Part 1

Huffman Codes - Correctness Part 2

Graphs - Introduction and BFS Part 1

BFS Examples, Algorithm and Analysis

Correctness of BFS

DFS Examples

DFS Example-Algorithm and Analysis

DFS Characteristics - Theorem Proofs

Topological Sort - Algorithm - Example - Correctness

MWST - Prim's Algorithm, Example, Analysis

MWST-Kruskals Algorithm

Correctness of Prims and Kruskals - Shortest Paths-Bellman Ford

Shortest Paths Algorithms - Part2

Transitive Closure-All Pair Shortest Paths

All Pairs Shortest Paths Example

String Matching-Part 1

String Matching-Part 2

String Matching-Part 3

String Matching-Part 4

Revision - Unit IV

Assignment Solutions

Revision - Unit III

Revision - Unit III

Revision - Unit I & II