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Problem Solving Skills

Pseudocode Conventions

Algorithm - more examples

Flow Charts

Flowcharts - Few More Examples

Algorithms and Flow Charts-More Examples

Algorithms and flowcharts

Basics of C Programming

Data types -size and range

Arithmetic Operators

Hierarchy of Arithmetic operators

Relation and Logical operators-symbolic constants

Library Functions

Formatted IO

Control Statements - if stmt

Control Statements-Switch Case and Looping statements

Loop Constructs - Examples

Nested Loops

Gauss Seidal Method and Depreciation Calculation

Functions- Introduction

Nested Functions

Recursive Functions

More on Recursive Functions

More on Recursive Function Examples

Tower of Hanoi and GCD

Arrays - Part 1

Passing Arrays to Functions

Sorting and Binary Search

Binary Search Program Discussion

Array Applications: Bubble Sort and Reversing the elements of an array

Multi Dimensional Array

Storage Classes

3D Array-Array Applications: Prime Factors-Partitioning Array

Removal of Duplicates - Strings

More on String Manipulations

Revision for II CIA

Pointers - part 1

Pointers - Part 2

Pointers - Part 3

Structures and unions - Part 1