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SDOF system

Free vibration-GDE derivation

Equivalent stiffnessof spring combination

Free vibration-pendulum, shaft cases

Free vibration-Numericals

Damped vibrations – viscous damping


Critical damping, under damping

Logarithmic decrement.

Numericals-Damped vibrations

Characteristic curves

Forced vibrations- due to externally applied periodic load

Support excitation

Numericals- Forced vibration

Vibration isolation and transmissibility, Force and motion transmissibility

Multi Degree of Freedom Systems – Two degrees of freedom systems

2 DOF- More examples

Static coupling and dynamic couplings

Eigen value problems - Hamilton’s principle - Lagrangean equations

Previousyear QP discussion-Unit 1

Continuous Systems

Vibration of a string under tension, Bar

Vibration of shafts, beam


Previous year QP discussion-Unit 2

Vibration Instrumentation– Introduction

Types of vibration

Random oscillation

Measurement of vibration

Decibel scale

Transducers, vibrationpick up

Vibration measurement scheme

Piezoelectric accelerometer

Strain gauges and strain measurements, types of bridges

Elements of Aero elasticity

Static vs. dynamic aero-elasticity – collars triangle

Vibration due to coupling of bending and torsion, Simplified expressions for an oscillating airfoil

Wing divergence

Control system reversal

Flutter phenomena and flutter analysis