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Introduction to Microprocessors- Basic bloack diagram of a Microprocessor- Microprocessor based system

Types of microprocessor architecture- Architecture of 8085- Part 1

Architecture of 8085- Part 2

8085 Architecture- Part 3, Pin diagram of 8085- Part 1

Pin diagram of 8085- Part 2

Machine cycles of 8085

Addressing modes of 8085 and Instruction set of 8085- Part 1

Instruction set of 8085 Part 2

Instruction set of 8085- Part 3 (Arithmetic and Logic Instructions)

8085 Instruction set -Part 4 (Branching and Machine control Instructions)

Interrupts of 8085

Interrupt Acknowledge Cycle with RST instruction and Bus Idle Cycle

Introduction to 8086, Architecture of 8086 Part 1 (EU)

Architecture of 8086 - Part 2

Architecture of 8086- Part 3

Pin details of 8086

Minimum mode and Maximum mode configurations of 8086

Memory/IO read/write machine cycles of 8086

Addressing Modes of 8086, Instruction set of 8086-Part 1

Instruction set of 8086- Part 2

Instruction set of 8086- Part 3

Instruction set of 8086 - Part 4 and Overview on interrupts of 8086

Introduction to 80386. Registers of 80386. Introduction to Real Mode and Protected mode, Segment registers- selectors- descriptors- Logical Address to Linear Address

Global Descriptor Table and Global Descriptor Table Register, Local Descriptor Table and Local Descriptor Table Register, Interrupt Descriptor Table and Interrupt Descriptor Table Register

Descriptors of 80386- Segment Descriptors, System Descriptors and Gate Descriptors

Physical Address generation in real mode and protected mode without paging in 80386

Generation of physical address in protection mode with paging. (Paging Mechanism-Translation of linear address to Physical Address)

Segmentation and Paging- A complete picture, Virtual 8086 mode of 80386

Privilege and protection levels in 80386 and Introduction to cache memory

Intel 8255- Programmable Peripheral Interface- Part 1: Block diagram and Pin diagram

PPI 8255- Part 2 (Modes of operation and Control Word Register)

Programmable Interrupt Controller- Intel 8259- Part 1 (Block diagram, How interrupt is serviced?)

Programmable Interrupt Controller - Intel 8259- Part 2 ( Modes of Operation, Initialization and control words)

Universal Synchronous Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter- Intel 8251-Part 1 (Synchronous and Asynchronous Data transfer, Block Diagram of 8251)

1. Universal Synchronous Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter- Intel 8251-Part 2 (Pin diagram, control word registers)2. Programmable DMA Controller- Intel 8257 - Part 1 (Introduction and Block diagram)

Programmable DMA controller- Intel 8257- Part 2 (Control Word Registers and pin diagram)

Programmable Interval Timer- Intel 8253

Programmable IO ports and Timer- Intel 8155

Basic Idea on keyboard and seven segment interfacing. Programmable Keyboard/Display Interface- Intel 8279 - Part 1

Intel 8279- Programmable Keyboard/Display interface- Part II (Block diagram and Pin diagram explanations)

Intel 8279- Programmable Keyboard and Display Interface- Part III (Modes of operation and control word registers)

R-2R Ladder, DAC0800, Block diagram, Signal Diagram, Interfacing with 8085 using 8255, Successive Approximation type ADC, ADC0808 signal diagram

ADC0808/0809 block diagram, ADC0808/0809 interfacing with 8085 using 8255.Case study: Microprocessor based Temperature Control system