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1_General Introduction

Unit 1_1_Hydrolysis and esterification reactions

Unit 1_2_Sulfonation reaction

Unit 1_3_Halogneation reactions

Unit 1_4_Oxidation and Reduction reactions

Unit 1_5_Orgnaometallic reagents

Unit 1_6_Petroleum thermal cracking and coking

Unit 1_7_Catalytic cracking of petroleum

Unit 1_8_Hydroformylation reaction

Unit 1_9_Hydrogenation reactions

Unit 1_10_Monsanto acetic acid process

Unit 1_11_Hydrocyanation reaction

Unit 1_12_Hydroboration

Unit 1_13_Hydrosilylation reaction

Unit 2_1_Introduction to heterogeneous catalysts

Unit 2_2_Precipitation and sol gel method

Unit 2_3_Supported catalyst preparation and Intro to TON/TOF

Unit2_4_Surface area and pore volume analysis

Unit 2_5_Crystallography

Unit 2_6_Infrared spectroscopy

Unit 2_7_Raman spectroscopy and Electron microscopy

Unit 2_8_ Monolith catalyst

Unit 2_9_ Nanocatalyst

Unit 2_10_Application of Heterogeneous catalyst in industry

Unit 2_11_Recap of Unit 2 after one week study break

Unit 2_12_Fuel cell caalyst

Unit 2_13_Environmental catalyst

Unit 2_14_QUIZ DAY and Introduction to Unit III

Unit 3_1_Chromophores and auxochrome

Unit_3_2_Azo dyes

Unit 3_3_Photocatalysis and pigments

Unit 3_4_Discussion on Quiz 3 and Revision on dyes

Unit 3_5_Triphenylmethane and Indigo dyes

Unit 3_6_Indigo dyes and introduction to fine chemicals

Unit 3_7_Fine chemicals and their significance

Unit 3_8_Ionic liquid for fine chemical synthesis

Unit 3_9_Alkylation of alkenes and alkynes via photocatalysis

Unit 3_10_Surface catalysis and Neat reaction

Unit 3_11_Revision of Unit 3 and Unit 4 preamble

Unit IV_1_Introduction to API

Unit IV_2_GMP Guidelines

Unit IV_3_GMP Guidelines and impurity analysis

Unit IV_4_Impurity analysis and important API

Unit IV_5_Important API molecules

Unit IV_6_Antibiotics and introduction to carbohydrates

Unit IV_7_Carbohydrate for paper, bioplastic and biofuel

Unit IV_8_Amino acids and protein in industry

Unit IV_9_Lipids, oils and waxes

Unit IV_10_Revision of unit 4

Revision_Unit III_1

Revision_Unit III_2_Only the fine chemicals portion

Revision_Unit II

Revision Unit I

Quiz 1 to 8_Revision

Unit 1 & 2 Revision; Question paper discussion

Unit 2&3 revision_Previous Year Question paper discussion

Unit 4_Revision_Previous year question paper discussion

Quiz Day_Unit 1

Quiz Day_Unit II

Quiz Day_Unit III

Quiz Day_Unit IV