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Introduction - science as observations and explanation

Genomics - An introduction

Genes to Genomes to Phenotype


Activity Discussion & NGS methods

genome sequencing projects

SARS Genomics Discussion

SARS Genomics Discussion

Genome annotation

Functional annotation

Genome imprinting

Using Ensembl browser and perspective for second unit

Variation in human genome

Activity - AMR resistance - Genome annotation

Structural variations

Mutations Variations and Phenotype

Galaxy - Prakathesh Demonstration

Diatom bloom - case study

SNPs and Adverse Drug Reactions

Activity Presentation - Vijayalakshmi

SNPs and Skin Pigmentation/Malaria

Comparative Genomics

Warfarin - Case study discussion

Prokaryotic genomes

Ethical considerations in genomics

Archeae comparative genomics

Microarray - yeast metabolism

Microaray - data analysis

Microaray - data interpretation - yeast

Clinically heterogenous population & Microarray

Leptin treatment - case study

Introduction to Proteomics

Flower proteome - quantification

Endo16 gene regulatory network

Logic circuit building for Endo - 16 - contd

Natural gene circuit

Reliability, toggle switches and conclusion