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General Introduction-Introduction to Metal ions in biology, 

Biological ligands, terminology (amino acids, polypeptide, proteins, enzymes, how to name enzymes, DNA and RNA)

Zinc containing Metalloenzymes, CA

Zinc containing Metalloenzymes CP, ADH

Zinc containing Metalloenzymes phosphatase (alkaline and acid), nuclease and phospholipase.

Electron transfer protein; Fe-S, Cu and Heme

Redox enzyme: Cu-Zn SOD, Introduction to Peroxidase

Redox enzyme: Peroxidase, Catalase and introduction to cytochrome P450

Redox enzyme: Cytochrome P450, Xanthine Oxidase, Introduction to Splitting of water

Redox enzyme: Splitting of water, Nitrogen fixation. 

Vitamin B12 co-enzyme; Introduction to O2 transport protein; Hematin formation

Structure of Hemoglobin, myoglobin, Pauling and Weiss theory, 

Cooperative effect, Bohr effect, Methemoglobin, toxicity due to CO

Toxicity due to CN, Methemoglobin, Hemocyanin 

Hemoerythrin-summary of oxygen transport proteins. Introduction to metals in medicine

Cisplatin, synthesis, mechanism of action and SAR Ru, Au complexes for cancer therapy.

Chelation therapy and Metallothionenes. Antiviral drugs