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Introduction to Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics System, Surrounding and Boundary Open, closed and isolated systems Thermodynamics properties, Intensive and Extensive

State, state properties, work and heat interactions, point & path functions

Work & Heat Equilibrium, Reversibility

Work done during different reversible processes for ideal gas Example problem

Example problems on Reversible Work, Steady state, Equilibrium

Zeroth law and First law of thermodynamics

I law of TD for Flow systems

First law analysis for closed systems, numerical examples

Limitations of first law Second law of thermodynamics

Entropy Carnot Engine

Entropy, Entropy maximization & Entropy changes for Ideal Gas

Maxwell relations, Mnemonic diagram

Method of Jacobians

Clayperon Equation & Clausius - Clayperon Equation

Numerical examples on thermodynamic property relations

Residual property - the generating function

Partial Molar Properties - Introduction

Partial molar properties - estimation

Ideal gas mixture model

Fugacity, fugacity coefficient for pure gas and gas mixtures

Partial Molar Properties, Property change with mixing - ideal gas model

Fugacity of pure gas

Fugacity in gas mixtures and liquid solutions, Activity and activity coefficient

Lewis Randall rule

Activity and activity coefficient for simple and non-simple ideal solutions - Tutorial

VLE calculations for ideal solutions-1

VLE Calculations for ideal solutions-2

VLE Calculations for ideal solutions - Tutorials

Determination of activity co-efficients using various models-1

Determination of activity co-efficients using various models-2

Numerical problmes for Non-ideal solution and ideal vapor

Flash distillation

Gibbs Duhem Equation, Thermodynamic consistency

Chemical Reaction Equilibria, extend of reaction for single reaction

criteria for chemical reaction equilibrium

Equibrium constant relatioship & expressions of Gibbs free energy change and equilinrium constant as a function of temperature

Extend reaction for single and multiple reaction

Numerical problems for the effect of pressure, inerts and excess reactant on equilibrium composition_1

Numerical problems for the effect of pressure, inerts and excess reactant on equilibrium composition_2

Numerical Problems for the determination of equilibrium constant and composition

Reaction equilibrium Heat Effects