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Introduction of Business,profession,Employment

Features and scope of business

An overview of business / functional areas

Introduction and Classification of business activities / objectives

Classification of business activities

Essential requirements for Business Success

Features of a business,Types of economic system

Aids to trade / Evolution of new business enterprises

Qualities of business man

Responsibilities of CSR towards various groups

Forms of business - I

Forms of business - II

Types of Business - Hindu Undivided Family (HUF)

HUF & one person company

HUF vs sole trading concern

Limited Liability Partnership

Business organisation / Partnership - types

Cooperative Firm vs Company

Company orientations

Digital Marketing

Channels of distribution - revision

Company (Public/private)


Presentations / Discussions

Presentations / Discussions

Trade an overview & documents used in trade

Sources of Finance / capital

Presentations / Discussions

Presentations / Discussions

Functions of wholesaler and retailer

Presentations / Discussions

Sales promotion and Advt.

Documents in export trade

Nature , objectives and source of finance

Retained earnings & other sources

Financial Planing -1

Financial Planing -2

Significance of Planning

Types of capital

Presentations / Discussions

Q/A Sessions

Public enterprises - types - problems

Problems in SSI - Discussion/Revision

Problems faced by businessman

Industrial sickness / Revision