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Retail management-Introduction

Importance of retailing, Retail as a career

Evolution of retail, Retail trend in India

Theories of Retail Management and Business Models in Retailing

Classification of retail stores

Retail stores classifictaion-contd.,

Non store reataliers, Franchising in Retailing

Factors influencing retail shoppers, The customer decision making process

Purchase decision process, customer loyalty

Market research in retailing

Strategy-Retail perspective

Ansoff Matrix-Growth opportunity for a retailer

Setting objectives, Allocation of resources, Developing strategic plan

International expansion-Growth strategy,Porter's value chain

Retail store site selection

Steps in involved in choosing retail location

Trade area analysis, Methods of evaluating trading area

Retail frachising structural arrangement, types of merchandise

Retail merchandising-Role & responsibilities of the merchandiser

Buying for various types of stores, Lifestyle merchandising

Retail pricing, Factors influencing retail price, Elements of retail price

Retail pricing policies / strategies

Retail price adjustments, Pricing methods

Promotion mix elements for retail stores

Advertising, WOM,Retail marketing

Sales promtion, Public relations, Publicity

Promotional budget- Methods, Social media

HRM in Retailing, Challenges of HRM in retailing

Merchandise management tasks in retail stores

Administration & Human resources, Compensation, Performance management

Elements of reail store operations

5 Ss retail store operations,Retail economics

Servicing the Retail Consumer-Importance service

Measuring the gaps in Services

Service Quality gap Model, Quality and Customer satisfaction

CRM-Enhancing customer value

Retail selling process

Types of sales persons, Skills required

Retail marketing mix

Impact of technology in retailing-RFID,VMI

Retailing- In Store Technologies, Electronic retailing

Supply chain management

Seminar-E-tailing-The Indian perspective

CPFR model

Retail logistics

Extempore- Various topic