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Unit 1_1_Introduction

Unit I_2_ Lecture on alkene nomenclature and isomerism

Unit 1_3_Preparation of alkene by elimination reactions

Unit 1_4_Question answer session and Elimination reactions

Unit 1_5_Dehydrohalogenation reaction

Unit 1_6_Dehalogenation, Hofman elimination and markovnikov reaction

Unit 1_7_Ozonalysis and MCQ

Unit 1_8.1_Anti dihydroxylation reaction ; Unit 1_8.2_Anti dihydroxylation

Unit 1_9_Hydrogenation reaction

Unit 1_10_Chemical reduction and 1,3-Butadiene 1,2 vs 1,4 addition

Unit 1_11_Alkyne nomenclature and preparation

Unit 1_12_Alkyne reactivity

Unit 1_13_Revision

Unit 2_1_Discussion on Quiz 1 and Introduction to Unit II

Unit 2_2_Chirality concepts revision

Unit 2_3_Optical activity concepts

Unit 2_4_Optical rotation, (+/-) and D/L Notations

Unit 2_5_Racemization

Unit 2_6_Resolution process

Unit 2_7_Walden inversion

Unit 2_8_Asymmetric synthesis (Partial and absolute)

Unit 2_9_Recap of Unit 2 after one week study break

Unit 2_10_Flying wedge, Fischer and RS notations

Unit 2_11_ACD 3D for chiral molecules

Unit 2_12_R and S notations

Unit 2_13_R/S Notation Q&A Session

Unit 2_14_Chiral allenes, biphenyls and spiranes

Unit 3_1_Nomenclature of aromatic compounds

Unit 3_2_Aromaticity/Huckel rule, Benzenoid and heteroaromatic compounds

Unit 3_3_Quiz Day and Introduction to Aromatic electrophilic substitution reaction/ortho para directing groups

Unit 3_4_Bromination via aromatic electrophilic substitution reaction

Unit 3_5_Halogenation/Nitration/Sulphonation

Unit 3_6_friedel crafts reaction and Energy profile diagram

Unit 3_7_Revist on Energy profile diagram and disubstitution reactions

Unit 3_8_Ortho and para selectivity

Unit 3_9_Preparation of alkyl, alkynyl substrates and biphenyls

Unit 4_1_Revision of unit 3 and Introduction to Unit IV

Unit 4_2_SN1 and SN2 reactions

Unit 4_3_Stereochemical requirement of SN1/SN2 and SNi reactions

Unit 4_4_SNi reaction, Elimination reactions

Unit 4_5_Preparation and reaction of aryl halides

Unit 4_6_Aromatic nucleophilic substitution reaction

Unit 4_7_Comparison of reactivity of alkyl halides and aryl halides