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Introduction SHM Oscillatory motion;Differential equation for SHM: Solution

Characteristics of SHM; velocity & acceleration of SHM

Phase relationship between displacement, velocity and acceleration and Energy of SHM

Energy of an SHM

Mass spring system spring connected in series and parallel

Simple Pendulum; Time for period of oscillation

Torsional oscillations : compound pendulum

Unit -2 Intriduction ; Super Position Principle; linearity

Two SHM; diff amplitudes & diff phase constant

Two SHM; diff amplitudes & diff frequencies

Physical significance of two SHM Concept of beats

Problems of compositions of two SHMs

Two mutually perpendicular simple harmonic motions

Two mutually perpendicular simple harmonic motions

discussion; for diff values of phase constant; Two mutually perpendicular simple harmonic motions

with different frequencies: 1:2 Lissajous figures; Two mutually perpendicular simple harmonic motions

solution derived;Coupled Oscillations- finding frequencies two masses attached with

Coupled Oscillators:

Coupled Oscillators: vertical apring with two masses

Two coupled pendulum equations derived

Normal modes of coupled pendulum

Coupled pendulum normal co-ordinate

Application of coupled pendulum discussed

Introduction Damped motion

General solution Damped Harminic Oscillator : Roots are calcullated

DHO: heavily damping


small damping

Energy of damped harminic oscillator

Applications of DHO

Application ; Problems; relaxation time; Q factor; Problems

Forced Oscillator ; Introduction

Steady state motion; forced oscillator


Revision / Problems

Tutorial Unit ; III; Problems

Wave and Wave motion

Wave motion / Transverse/ Longitudinal;Plane waves; Terms available to describe wave motion ; frequency,


Expression of wave differential equation of a wave

Particle velocity & wave velocity ; Problems discussed

Stationary waves/ Standing Waves/ Analytical treatment

Streatched strings


wave motion

Effect of Sound; Various Factors

Intensity of Sound

Measurement of intensity & sound