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Introduction to Multiprocessors

Challenges in ES

Embedded design Process

Design Methologies , Deign goals

GPS Moving map

Design process specification

Formalisms for system design

Designa hardware and software

Behaviour description

Networks and Multiprocessors

Distributed Embedded system

CAN bus

CAN bus data format

CAN bus arbitration


Scheduling and Allocation

ARM Architecture and Instruction set

ARM Design Philosphy


ARM Extensions

ARM Core Extension

ARM Instruction set

Arithmetic instruction set

Data Processing Instruction

logical instruction

Comparsion Instruction

Branch Instruction

Load- store Instruction


Co-processor instruction

Embedded C

Structures and Array

Loading data from and to reg

Storing data from and to reg

Converting C to Assembly

Programming in Assembly control Structures

I/O programming

Introduction to RTOS

Multiplie task , processors and systems

Preemptive RTOS Priority based Scheduling -IPC

Power optimization Techniques