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Introduction of the syllabus

Electric field intensity, problems

Potential, Work done, Energy stored in electric field

Magneto static field, Biot-Savart law, Ampere's circuital law

Magnetic field due to infinite line current, infinite current sheet, magnetic flux density, Enegy density in M-field

Faraday' law, Lenz's law, Transformer emf, motional emf-circular and linear and combination of these two

Displacement current density, Ampere's circuital law, Maxweel's eqns, Inconsistency of Ampere's law

Continuity eqn, time harmonic equation, working out problems

Explaing Text book solved problems

Ampere's circuital law, inconsistancy of Apmere's law, Time harmonic field

Poyting Theorem,Definition & Derivation, Average power

Wave Equation, Wave propagation in lossy medium

Wave propagation in lossy medium, lossless medium and free space

Wave propagation in good conductors, skin depth, Problems

Working out problems- live class

Relection and refraction of plane waves, Normal incidence, Relection & refraction coefficeints

Plotting of E-wave and H-wave for normal incidence, SWR

Refection & Refraction of plane waves - oblique incidence, Angle of relflection and refraction

Oblique inidence - perpendicular polarization, Brewster Angle

Oblique inidenence - parallel polarization, Brewster Angle

Transmission line, Definition, Types, Line parameters, Equivalent Circuit.

Transmission line equation, Soltuion to voltage and current equation, Gamma, Alpha and Beta expressions

Characteristic Impedance, Lossless line and Distortion less line

Problems discussion

Input Impedance, i/p impedance for open circuit, short circuit and matched lines, Reflection coefficient

SWR, power, working out problems

Smith chart, r-cicles and x-circles

Discussing problems using Smith Chart

Problems using Smith chart

Quarterwave transformer, Single stub tuner

Wave guide, Definition, Field components of TM waves

TM wave propagation, characteristics, intrinsic impedance/wave impedance, modes of propagation

Dominat mode, Degenerate mode, Working out paoblems

TE waves, Field components, wave propagation, evanescent modes, hybrid modes

Impossibilty of TEM waves, wave propagation in wave guides, Average power, power transmitted

Wave guide losses