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Op-amp and properties of op-amp

Inverting and non-inverting op-amp

Design of op-amp

Power supply connections

DC characteristics

Practical non-inverting amplifier

Op-amp block diagram

Differential Amplifier,CMRR

AC Characteristics

Instrumentation amplifier,Peak detector

Signal generators

Sine wave oscillator

Voltage regulators

Voltage regulators using IC 723

Triangular wave generator,comparators

Weins bridge oscillator,Schmitt trigger

Characteristics of regulators,IC 723

Buck and boost regulators,Problems

Active filters: LPF and HPF

Problems on LPF and HPF

Band pass filter

Switched Capatior

Narrow band pass and band stop

Data converters : ADC and DAC

R-2R network

Inverted R-2R,AD converters

AD converters

Successive approximation converter

Dual slope ADC

IC 555 block daigram

Modes of operation

Astable, monostable applications

Frequency divider

PLL block daigram

Digital phase detector

Monolithic PLL,Derivation of lock-in range

Applications of PLL

Problems on IC 555