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Unit 1 Introduction to Control Engineering

Mechanical Translational system

Mechanical rotational system

Force-Voltage, Force-current analogy

Transfer function of Armature controlled and Field Controlled DC motor

Block Diagram Reduction Technique

Multiple Input system and Signal flow graph

Block Diagram Reduction Technique to SFG, Electrical Network to SFG

Problems TF - tutorial (main campus)

State space analysis Introduction

BDR tutorial -revision using main campus material

State space analysis problems

Unit I - study material in pdf form

Unit 2 Introduction First order system derivation

Time domain specifications derivation

Time domain specification problems solved

Steady state error - kp, kv, ka

Generalised error constants

Frequency response introduction

Bode plot Quadratic function

Polar plot

Polar plot problems -University QP

Unit III Routh-Hurwitz stability

Routh Hurwitz problems

Routh Hurwitz problems 2

Root locus

Root locus technique

Unit III Nyquist plot

Nyquist plot - problems

Frequency domain specification (Unit II)

Transfer function from Bode plot - Unit II

Transfer function from Bode plot - Unit II

Revision - Root locus problems - Tutorial

Revision - Bode plot University QP - Tutorial

Unit -IV Design of Lead compensator

Lead compensator Problem for practice

Lead, Lag, Lead-Lag

PID controller introduction

P,PD,PI,PID - controller problems

P,PD,PI,PID - controller problems - Tutorial