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Type of data structure and intro to pesudocodes


Abstract dat atypes

ADT implementations

Creating linked lists

Algorithm efficiency

Recursion introduction

Designing recursive algorithms

Applications of recursion- GCD Fibonacci Series

Applications of recursion- prefix to postfix conversions

Towers of Hanoi

Sorting - types- selection sort and bubble sort

Searching - sequential search and its variations, sentinel search, probability search, ordered list search.

Binary search

Hashed search, hashing functions

Collision resolution techniques

General linear lists - basic operations, implementations

General linear list- algorithms

General linear lists- traversal, Retreivel, count, destroy

General linear list- ADT

Complex implementations- circularly linked lists, doubly linked lists

DLL insertions

DLL- Deletion, multi linked lists

Restricted linear lists

Stack- linked stack- algorithms- implementation

Stack ADT, stack applications- reversal

Stack applications- parsing, postponement

Stack applications (postponement)- evaluation of postfix expression, conversion of infix to postfix

Stack applications - backtracking- example: goal seeking, eight queens problem

Queues- operations, linked list design, algorithms- enqueue, dequeue

Queue ADT, application - Categorizing data

Non linear trees: trees, basic concepts- binary trees.

Binary tree properties, binary tree traversals

Applications of trees - expression trees, creation and traversals of expression trees

General trees: Insertion, Deletion, Conversion of general to binary tree, BST - basics

BST - operations- find smallest, find largest, find particular element, insertion

BST Operations - Deletion, BST ADT

Applications of BST - student information processing using BST, threaded trees.

AVL Trees: Basic concepts

AVL Trees implementation - insert

AVL Tree implementation - delete

Heaps- basics

Heaps- implementation and algorithms. multi way tree introduction.

Multi way trees: b tree implementation- algorithms- insertion

B tree implementations - algorithms (delete)

B tree algorithms ( traversal, search)

Graphs: elementary operations- storage structures- graph algorithms.

Graph application - minimum spanning tree, Prims and Kruskals algorithm