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Course objectives and learning outcomes discussed

Course objectives and learning outcomes discussed contd.

RCC-Introduction -Types of structure with some examples

Analysis of balanced and unbalanced section

Steel specifications-Types of steel used in construction -properties of steel-quality of steel

Moment of resistance of simply supported RC beam

Concepts of limit state design_Limint state of collapse anf Limit state of serviceability

(Annex-G)IS specifications for the deign of singly reinforced beam

Design of Singly reinforced beam with all types of load (EL,WL,DL and LL)

Design of RCC Structures

Singly Reinforced BEAM

Design of doubly reinforced beam

Design of beam -Totorial class

Doubly Reinforced Beam

Section with Compression reinforcement-DesignMoment of resistannce

Design of Tee beam -Introduction

Design of flanged section - Neutral axis lies within the flange

Design of flanged section - Neutral axis lies below the flange

Design of Tee beam

Grid Slab or Waffle Slab

Design of one way slab

Design of Two way rectangular slab-Introduction and support condiation with and without coners

Design of Two way slab

Design of RC roof slab -corners not held down

Design of Two way slab - Calculation of Moment

Design of column-Tributory Area method

Tributary Area Method

Design of column- Classification of column,Reinforcements,lateral ties_IS specifications

Design of short RC rectangular column

Design of circular column with lateral ties and Helical reinforcement

Design of Square RCC column

Design for Bond in RC members

Design of shear,Bond, Anchorage, Development length and Torsion_Design concepts

Design of beam subjected to shear stress

Design of Footings

Design of Uniform depth footing

Design of slopped footing

Working stress design of water tank as per IS13370

Design of combined footing

Design of water tank_Introduction

Design a circular water tank on ground

Design of Water tank

Design of circular underground water tank

Design of Staircase

Design of Intz type water tank

Design of rectangular underground water tank