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Overview of the syllabus, Structure of earth & plate tectonics

Causes of Earthquakes, Seismic Waves & Locating Epicentre

Earthquake Measurements Magnitude

Earthquake Measurements Intensity

Earthquake Effects

Engineering Seismology - Seismic Design Philosophy

Response of Structures

Structural Dynamics - Theory of Vibraions

Structural Dynamics - Single Degree of Freedom System

Structural Dynamics - Numerical Problems (Part - 1)

Structural Dynamics - Numerical Problems (Part - 2)

Irregularities in Buildings

Irregularities in Buildings - Determination of Centre of Mass & Centre of Stiffness

Ductile Design of Structures

Behaviour of Masonry Structures

Evaluation of Earthquake forces (Part I)

Evaluation of Earthquake forces (Part II)

Evaluation of Earthquake forces (Part III)

Design of Shear Wall - Introduction & Design principles

Design of Shear wall - Design Example

Design of Shear wall - Design Example

Ductility calculation

Causes & Effects of Earthquakes, Terminologies, Wegener theory, Plate Tectonics, Elastic Rebound theory, seismic waves, Measuring & Locating earthquakes, Seismic design philosophy and characteristics of buildings

Structural Dynamics, Irregularities in buildings, Ductile detailing of structures and Masonry structures

Evaluation of Earthquake forces, Design of Shear Wall, Case Studies and Lessons learnt from Past earthquakes