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Terms used in dynamics

Mathematical modelling

Formulation of equation

Tutorial Springs

Damped free vibrations

Damped free vibrations &Logarithmic decrement

Tutorial un damped-Theory damped free vibrations

Tutorial-Damped free vibrations

Forced vibrations

Vibration isolation-Force transmissibility

Rotating unbalance

Tutorial forced vibrations

Use of Fourier Transformation in Dynamics

Unit-II-MDOF system-General

MDOF-Equation formulation

Eigen value and eigen vector-Theory

Eigen value and eigen vector-tutorial & Orthogonality concepts

Orthogonality of normal modes and normalization

Tutorial-MDOF-Orthogonality and introduction to Approximate methods

Approximate method-Holzer's method

Approximate method-Stodla's method

Approximate methods-Rayleigh's methods

Mode superposition techniques

Mode superposition techniques /Mode acceleration

Unit-3-Vibration of continuous beams

Vibration of continuous beams-(cont..)

Torsional vibration-Theory and tutorial

Approximate methods & Forced vibration analysis in beams

Flexural vibration-deriving general solution

Flexural vibration of beams subjected to axial tension

Duhamel's method

Unit-IV-Introduction to softwares-Dynamics using Python-Introduction

Application of Python for dynamics-free vibration and spring problems

Plotting under damped, damped and overdamped vibration using python

Blast loading concepts

Blast loading-Pr Vs Time diagram







Revision-Unit-II-mode superposition techniques

Revision-Unit-II-Mode superposition techniques and mode acceleration

Revision-Unit-II-Mode acceleration

Revision-Unit-II-Approximate methods

Revision-Unit-II-Holzer's method

Revision-Stodola's method