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Mathematical modelling

Python programing in dynamics-Plotting

Mathematical modelling and springs

Tutorial Springs

Tutorial-Undamped free vibrations-doubts clearing session

Damped free vibrations

Python program

Tutorial damped free vibrations-logarithmic decrement

Forced vibrations

Tutorial Vibration isolation

Tutorial forced vibrations

Response to general dynamic loading-Fourier series

Unit-II-MDOF system

Flexibility equation for MDOF

Eigen value and eigen vector-tutorial

Orthogonality of normal modes theory and examples

Normalization of moes

Tutorial MDOF-Introduction to approximate methods

Approximate methods-Rayleigh's methods

Approximate method-Holzer's method

Approximate method-Stodla's method

Approximate method-Dunkerly's method

Mode superposition method

Mode superposition techniques for damped structures

Mode acceleration method

Duhamel's method

Unit-3-Vibration of continuous beams

Free longitudinal vibration -Frequency calculation

Longitudinal vibration-Free and forced

Torsional vibration

Torsional vibration tutorial

Natural vibration of beams subjected to natural vibrations

Effect of axial forces in beams subjected to flexural vibration

Miscellaneous vibration

Unit-IV-Blast wave-characteristics

Blast wave characteristics