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Syllabus & Introduction

Soil formation & Phase system

Weight, volume relationships

Problems on weight-volume relationship

Problems on weight-volume relationship

Index properties (Grain properties)

Grain size distribution and hydrometer

Atterberg limits

Atterberg limits - problems

Classification of soil

Soil water - Introduction

Total, neutral and effective stress

Soil permeability - Introduction

Problems on soil permeability

Field permeability tests

Flow net

Stress distribution theory

Load distribution and Newmark's chart

Equivalent point load method

Compaction of soils

Field compaction techniques

Field compaction control and specifications

Consolidation - Introduction

Components of consolidation

Consolidation (Continued), problems

Consolidation problems

One dimensional consolidation test

Introduction to shear parameters

Diect shear and triaxial tests

Triaxial test (continued)

Shear strength problems, UCS test

Vane shear test and skempton pore pressure parameters

Revision - 1

Revision - 2

Revision - 3

Revision - 4