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Introduction and Motivation

Overview about the Kinematics Dynamics and Control aspects of Robots

Introduction to Industrial Manipulator Robot

Discussion-Major Trends in Robotics-Definitions

Position and Orientation of a Robot-Part-1

Introduction to Rigid Body Kinematics-Degrees of Freedom

Classification of Robots based on Kinematic Configuration-Discussion

Rotation Matrices and Change of Coordinates-Homogeneous Transformation

Rotation Matrices-omposition of RotationSolved Problems

Fixed frame and moving frame Rotation-Problems

Homogeneous Transformation- Problems

Euler angle Problems

Computing Inverse of HTF-Forward Kinematics

Kinematic Chains-DH parameters

DH Parameters-Solved Problems

Virtual Lab- Open source- Kinematics study-Roboanalyser

Inverse kinematics-solvability- Multiplicity of solutions

Inverse Kinematics- Analytical Solutions- Problems

Analytic solutions of Inverse Kinematics problems

Tutorial Problem

Numerical Methods of Solving Inverse Kinematics Problems

Virtual Open source-Python lab Numerical Methods of solving Inverse Kinematics

Gradient based Numerical Methods

Differential Kinematics-Problems

Angular velocities and Jacobians-Singularities-Problems

Trajectory Planning,Point to point control-Position control

Tutorial Problems on Differential Kinematics and Jacobians

Python for Robotics for solving control problems-Position control

Motor control using PID using Python

Euler lagrange Dynamics- Derivation-Kinetic and Potential energy

Eular Lagrange Dynamics-Problems-Derivative of a vector in a moving frame

Torque-Motion control-Concepts

Concepts behind Dynamics and Control

Pendulum Problem(Doubt clarifcation lecture)