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Aerodynamics Introduction

Basics of fluid flow

Aerodynamic forces and moments due to pressure and shear force

Centre of pressure, Continuum, free molecular flow, flow regimes

Review of vector relationsGradientDivergenceCurl

Line IntegralSurface IntegralVolume IntegralRelationship between these IntegralsDivergence TheoremGradient TheoremStokes theoremLagragian and Eulerian approachFluid Models - Control Volume, Infinitestimal Fluid element, Molecular approach

Concept of MassMass FlowMass FluxContinuity Equation

Momentum Equation in Integral form

Energy Equation in integral form

Detailed discussion on the substantial derivative / Streamline / Pathlines

Angular Velocity / Vorticity / Strain

Circulation Stream function potential function and its relation

Airspeed measurment

Pressure Coefficient and Laplace Equation

Elementary Flows 1 - Uniform Flow

Source Sink combination with Uniform flow


Combination of Uniform flow and Doublet

Flow over a circular cylinder real case

Airfoil Nomenclature

Vortex sheet, Kutta condition,

Kelvin's circulation theorem

Thin Airfoil theory

Thin Airfoil theory II - Coefficient of Lift calculation

Thin Airfoil theory III

Starting vortex and lift

Thin Airfoil theory cambered airfoil

Induced drag and downwash

Vortex filament, Biotsaverts law, Helmhortz theorem

Prandtl's lifting line theory

Elliptical lift distribution

Lifting surface theory and vortex lattice method

Aerodynamics of Propellers

Momentum theory of propellers

Blade Element Theory