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Introduction to Hypersonic Flow

Classification of Hypersonic Vehicles

Thin Shock Layer

Viscous Interaction

Low Density Flows

Hypersonic Flight Paths

Basic Hypersonic Shock Relations

Hypersonic Similarity Parameter

Hypersonic Expansion Wave Relations

Newtonian Flow

Modified Newtonian Law

Centrifugal force correction

Tangent Wedge Cone Method

Shock Expansion Method

Hypersonic Small Disturbance Equation

Hypersonic Equivalence Principle

Blast Wave Theory

Thin Shock Layer Theory

Maslens Method

Hypersonic Viscous Interactions

Strong and Weak Interactions

Role of Chibar

Strong viscous Interaction

Weak viscous Interactions

Shock Wave Boundary Layer Interaction

Case Study I - Defence Technology paper

Case Study II

Case Study III

Case Study IV