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Introduction to Logistics and Supply Chain Management and its difference

Strategic planning in supply chain and logistics for business planning.

Logistics competency

Logistical Mission, Dabbawalla Case study discussion and Logistical Renaissance

Work of Logistics and Integrated Logistics

Devolpment Profile

Integrated Logistics, Working of Integrated Logistics, objectives

Barriers to Internal Integration

Logistical Performance Cycles

Unit 2 Customer Focus: Customer Service Introdcution, Features and Elements

Customer Focused Marketing in Logistics

Basic Service Capability and Value Based Services

Increasing Customer Expectations

Uncertainty introduction, types of 3PL and Types of Uncertainty

System architecture of ILIMS, Newer Technology, problems generally faced by the old organizations to adopt to newer technologies

Customer Satisfaction and Success Integration - Unit 2 Completed (7 Classes)

Unit 3: Introduction to the Channels/Networks

Channel Structure

Economics of Distribution, Network operation and Network Design optimization models with case study

Economics of Distribution - 4 Models of carrier routing

Channel Relationship - 1. Bucklin and 2. Ansary and Robicheaux journal articles.

Logistical Service Alliances, Motive, Success factors, Mistakes, Types of alliances

Marketing Channel Structure- Horizontal and Vertical alliances

Marketing Channel Structure- Types of conflicts and causes for conflicts Unit 3 Completed ( 9 Classes)

The Mentimeter or Mente.com based online interactive session I

The Mentimeter or Mente.com based online interactive session II

The Mentimeter or Mente.com based online interactive session III

Introduction to Unit 4 Global Logistics

Global Operating levels

Global Supply Chain Differences & Complexity

Issues related to foriegn trades (Introduction)

Previous year QP's Discussion of Unit 4

Issues related to foriegn trades (Introduction)

Regulatory Mechanisms for Foreign Trade Introduction

General restrictions policy and procedures & Categories of different goods

Regulatorys Aspects of Foriegn Trades

Logistics in Global Economy (Part 1)

Logistics in Global Economy (Part 2)

Views of Global Logistics (Dynamic forces of GL, Forces pushing the GL, Controllable and uncontrollable factors in GL) - Unit 4 Completed

Previous Year Question Papers (Unit 2 & 4)

Unit 3: Revision-Difference between merchant middleman and functional middleman

Ways to reduce the distribution costs

Previous Year Question Papers (Unit 3)

Previous Year Question Papers (Unit 1)

Unit 4 Revision