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General Instructions - Overview

EV - Layout

Basic configurations

EV Performance

Vehicle Resistance and Tractive Effort

Tractive Effort and performance curves

Performance curves and EHV introduction

Series Hybrid

Parallel Hybrid

Torque Coupling

Speed Coupling

Overview of Electric Propulsion

DC motor characteristics

Class A Chopper

Multi Quadrant DC motor control

Toque Slip characteristic - AC motor

Control of AC induction motor

PM Brushless DC motor

BLDC-PM control

Switched Reluctance Motor control

Driving Cycles

Energy Storage

Energy Storage



Assignment instructions

Fuel Cells

Assignment discussions

Quiz 3 and Quiz 4 clarifications

Assignemnt discussions

Fuel Cells

Fuel Cells

CIA Assignment Clarifications

Assignment Clarifications - Discussions

Assignment discussions

Fuel cell Reforming

Hydrogen Fuel cell Reforming

Solar cars / IV -PV characteristics

Array IV characteristics

Solar MPPT


Revision class - Collection of topics for revision

Unit 2 topics


CIA paper discussion

Fuel Cells

Previous year end sem QP discussion