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Overview of course

Bending of thin plates, pure bending

Plate subjected to bending, twisting

plates subjected todistributed load

Exact method solution



Combined bending and in-plane loading of a thin rectangular plate,

Energymethod for bending of thin plates.

Numerical-energy method

Introduction to Unit 2

V-n diagram for the loads acting on the aircraft, factor of safety

Air loads,inertial loads

Landing gear loads

Practice numericals

Basic concepts of shear, Bending,Torsion, compression in design.

Structural idealization, shear flow variation in idealized sections

sectionswith booms.

Shear and bending moment distribution

Fuselage numericals

Practice numericals- semi cantilever and other types of wings andfuselage

Practice numericals

Stress analysis of aircraft components

Tension field web beams (Wagner’s) theory.

Revision of structural idealization

Theories of Failure introduction

Maximum principal stress theory

maximum shear stress theory,Maximum principal strain theory

Strain energy theory, Shear strainenergy theory



Matrix methods of structural analysis

Stiffness matrix for single elastic springs

Two spring case

Bar element

Pin jointed framework

Application to statically indeterminate frame works

Stiffness matrix for a beam


Application to launch vehicle structures

Factors driving the structural configuration ofspacecraft.