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Basic geometrical construction

Conic sections - part 1

Conic sections - part 2

Construction of cycloid & epicycloid

Construction of hypocycloid & involute

Projection of Points

Projection of Straight Line (part 1)

Projection of Straight Line (part 2)

Projection of solids (part 1)

Projection of solids (part 2)

Construction of Cylinder and cone by using the change of position method

Construction of solids sections and solid development

Development of lateral surfaces

Intersection of solids - Introduction

Intersection of solids - Projection of intersecting curve

Intersection of solids - Development

Isometric projection (Part 1 - Introduction)

Isometric projection (Part 2 - Problems)

Lab - Introduction to AutoCAD

Lab - Basic exercises

Lab - Ellipse - Concentric circles method

Lab - Rectangle method - Ellipse & Parabola

Lab - Projection of solid - pentagonal prism

Lab - Projection of solid - cone

Lab - Section of solid

Lab - Development of surface of a solid

Lab - Intersection of prism with cylinder

Lab - 3D view of base of a mixer

Lab - Orthographic views