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Aerodynamic forces

Fluid flow & Vector relations-review

Lift & Types of Drag

Fluid models & Continuity equation

Total derivative

Momentum equation

Energy equation

Flow lines & Potential function

Stream function & their relation with potential function

Application - Continuity & Momentum equation

Measurement of airspeed - Pitot tube & Venturi


Airspeed errors and corrections & Pressure coefficient

Concept of strain & Compressibility correction

Angular velocity & Vorticity

Introduction to Inviscid-incompressible flow

Uniform flow, Source & Sink

Flow over a half-body

Problems & Flow over a Rankine oval


Non-lifting flow over a circular cylinder

Vortex flow

Lifting flow over a circular cylinder

Kutta Joukowski theorem

Generation of lift & Complex potential

Incompressible flow over infinite wing & Airfoil nomenclature

Airfoil characteristics & Vortex sheet

Thin airfoil theory - Force & moment coefficients

Thin airfoil theory - Problems

Incompressible flow over finite wing (Basics, Biot-savart law & Helmholtz theorem)

Finite wing theory - Part 1

Finite wing theory - Part 2

Elliptical lift distribution

Problems on Finite wing

Introduction and three dimensional source

Three dimensional doublet

Flow over a sphere

Three dimensional relieving effect