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Overview - Space Flight mechanics

Two body problem - Equation of relative motion

Conservation of angular momentum and Kepler's second law

Orbit equation

Parameters of Orbit equation and The Energy law

Circular orbits

Elliptical orbits

Problems on Elliptical orbits

Parabolic trajectories

Hyperbolic trajectories

Problems on hyperbolic orbits

Introduction to orbital maneuvers

Hohmann Transfer

Problems on Hohmann transfer

Bi-elliptic Hohmann transfer

Lambert problem - Satellite tracking

Eccentric anomaly (Satellite tracking)

Phasing maneuver

Inclination change maneuver

Combined maneuver & Launch azimuth

Problems on combined maneuver

Introduction to Lunar/Interplanetary trajectory design

Rendezvous opportunities (Synodic period)

Round-trip mission (Wait time)

Sphere of Influence

Method of trajectory design (Departure phase)

Method of trajectory design (Arrival phase)

Problems (Part 1)

Problems (Part 2)

Problems (Part 3)

Restricted three body problem

Lagrangian points

Non-Keplerian motion

Atmospheric drag

Orbital lifetime of a spacecraft - Examples

Earth aspherical potential

Radiation pressure & Third body effects

Application of orbital perturbations - Sun synchronous orbits

Application of orbital perturbations - Molniya orbits

Rigid body dynamics - Attitude control