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Introduction to Advanced Control Systems

Time and Frequency domain parameters

Bode diagrams refresher, basic factors, constant gain, integral, derivative, first order in denominator

First order factor in numerator, multiplicity m, Quadratic factor in numerator, Summary of all factors

Problem solving and Matlab intro

Bode diagram problems, Gain and phase margin intro

Introduction to compensators, lead and lag, need for gain and phase margin

Performance measures in time domain, frequency domain, steady state error

Lead compensation, determination of attenuation factor

Lead compensator

Lead compensator design with example

Lag compensation procedure and problem solving

Lag-lead compensator design

Root locus review

Lead compensation with Root locus

Lead compensator, Lag compensator using Root locus method

Lag and Lag-lead compensator using Root locus

Lag-lead compensator, PID tuning, Ziegler-Nichols

Introduction to state space

State space model

State diagrams

State diagram to State equation and Output equation

Phase variable canonical form, Input feedforward canonical form

Solution to state space equations, Discrete time systems

Characteristic Equations, Eigenvalues, Eigenvectors

Similarity Transformation

Cayley Hamilton theorem, Controllability

Observability, Controller canonical form

Observer canonical form, State feedback control design

Luenberger observer design

Nonlinear system phenomena, typical nonlinearities

Linearization of NL systems

Linearization of NL systems, Discussion of Quiz 4

Discussion on Quizzes 2 and 3

Discussion on quizzes 1 & 5

Recap of Nonlinear systems

Describing functions

Describing function for Deadzone nonlinearity

Describing function for Saturation nonlinearity

Phase plane analysis

Lyapunov stability analysis, Quadratic function definiteness

Lyapunov stability theorem

Matlab commands for Bode diagram, Eigenvalue-eigenvector computations

Linearization, Phase portraits

Discussion on Quiz 8, Review of Unit 1