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Introduction to Mechatronics

Mechatronics Key Elements

Life cycle factors, Hardware-in-the-loop, Mechatronics Design process, Computer aided developmment

Sensors-static characteristics

Sensors-dynamic characteristics, Temperature sensing, RTD

Sensor characteristics (contd.)

Thermistors, Thermocouples

Light sensors - photoemissive cell, photoconductive cell

Resistive transducer - potentiometer, strain gauge

Inductive transducers - LVDT

Capacitive sensors, Piezoelectric transducers, Hall effect sensors


Signal conditioning, opamp

Ideal opamp, Inverting amplifier

Non-inverting amplifier, summing amplifier

Protection circuits

Sampling and quantization

DACs R-2R ladder

R-2R ladder continued

Successive Approximation Type ADC

Hydraulic and pneumatic systems

Pneumatic systems, valves

Directional control valve

Directional control valve (contd)

Valves, control of single acting cylinder

Cylinder sequencing

Sequencing (contd.) Electrical actuators intro, Relay switch

Electropneumatic sequencing, Solid state switches, Thyristors

Thyristors, Bipolar Junction Transistors

Transistor, MOSFET, Solenoid, Servomotors

Stepper motors, PLC intro, Basic structure, Input/Output interface, Ladder programming intro

Ladder programming, Logic, Latches, Internal Relay

Ladder programming, Timer, Counter, Shift Register, Data handling

Analog input/output, Mnemonics, Selection of PLCs, Intro to Microprocessors, Architecture Diagram, ALU

Timing control unit, IR, Decoding unit, Register array, Serial IO, Interrupt control, Address, Address/Data buffer, Immediate, register, direct addressing mode

Indirect, Implicit addressing modes, Pin diagram