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Services Marketing - Introduction, overview

Factors influencing service economy; Vategories of services

Consumer behavior in service encounters

Service failures, customer involvement in service process

Complaint handling, Service guarantee, Service recovery process

Designing service processes, Service blueprinting

Customer relationships, loyalty, wheel of loyalty

Effective tiering of service-The customer pyramid; Satisfaction & loyalty

Loyalty bonds; Deepening the customer relationships

Customer defections & declining accounts; Strateging for reducing customer defections

Customer as co-producer; Problem of customer misbehaviour, Jaycustomers

Creating value: STP strategies

Bases of segmenting consumer service markets, Service markting positioning strategy

Service attributes: Imporatant, determinant, nature

Basic focus strategies for services

The service product and its importance

Product levels & customer value of the hospitality service, core & complementary services

Pricing - objectives; foundations of pricing strategies

Customer perspetive: Pricing, value based & competitor based

Revenue management-Yield management

Service promotion and education; Communication strategy: opportunities & challenges

Eeducational and promotional objectives of services

Marketing communication planning: Advertising

Various service advertisements-contemporary examples; Impotrtance of eduction in service marketing

Service marketing communication mix

Relevance of sales promotion, public relations, publicty in service sector

Managing Service delivery processes, Methods of service delivery process

Place & cyberspace, Balancing demand & capacitgy

How to manage demand and capacity in service sector

Productivity and quality for service marketers

Service quality gap model; Service quality

Root-Cause analysis, Blueprinting

Customer satisfaction & service quality, quality problems

Marketing of services- Tourism & hospitality

Ways to close service quality gaps, Customer relationship management

Tourism and its importance

Various types of tourism; importance of medical tourism in India

Seminar: Airline industry in India

Hospitality : Opportunites and challenges

Healthcare marketing-Introduction

Healthcare marketing - Opportunity and challenges in India

Health care indusrtry in India

Seminar: Telecom industry in India

Telecom industry -Opportunity and challenges

Hospital marketing-Medical tourism in India

Seminar: Financial services marketing-I

Seminar: Financial services marketing-II

Seminar: Financial services marketing-Insurance sector in India; Impact COVID in financial sector

Banking sector in India

Seminar-Online Food delivery aggregators

Seminar: Service marketing -IT& ITES

Extempore- Various topic

Seminar: Technolgy impact on the Service quality